5 Types of Pollution due to Waste Production

5 Types of Pollution due to Waste Production

There are many topics to talk about when we discuss waste production. When pollution becomes the main issue, we also talk about one of the biggest threats to humans. The contamination won’t only affect the health of humans but also the natural environment and resources.

Moreover, pollution has a long-term effect that is sometimes forgotten by us. A lot of people sometimes only relate to air pollution from big factories or vehicles. There are many types of waste production you should find out to make you more realize that you can make a change from your home too.

5 Types of Pollution due to Waste Production
5 Types of Pollution due to Waste Production

Plastic Pollution

Non-biodegradable plastic is the main reason for plastic pollution. This type of plastic will stay for a hundred years and even forever! The effect is that it can harm the composition and health of the soil.

Pollution of Air

The contamination by dangerous gases and smoke particles in the air is what air pollution is. The types of chemicals are mostly sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon. There are some examples of air pollution. They are including:

  • The fumes produced by the vehicles’ exhaust
  • The dangerous gas or fragrance from paint spray, plastic, and other
  • The coal, gas, oil that burned
  • Nuclear disaster
  • Garbage pollution that causes the mishandling of landfill waste
  • Radiation spills

Those types of air pollution come from debris. The only cure that will show a significant impact is to plant trees! We should plant trees everywhere, as many as we can. Having more forests are better to heal the world from too much waste and pollution,

5 Types of Pollution due to Waste Production
5 Types of Pollution due to Waste Production

Trash Pollution

There are a lot of causes of trash pollution. The examples are such as waste discarding contractors, mishandling of solid waste from the activities of humans and humans themselves, as well as waste collectors.

The impacts of this kind of pollution are the growth of bacteria surround the habitat and also horrible odors that will be dangerous air pollution. Meanwhile, if it contaminates the water, the bacteria and the parasites won’t only affect the animals but also humans.

Land Pollution

This type of pollution happens when the surface of the earth becomes degrading or unusable. There are two reasons for land pollution. And yes you’re right, waste is the major issue that causes this pollution.

The first reason is due to the misuse of resources. And the second reason is because of inappropriate waste disposal. Here are some examples of land pollution:

  • Oil flow
  • Illegitimate disposal in natural habitats
  • Trash everywhere
  • Nuclear disaster
  • Pesticides and other chemicals used for farming
  • Radiation spills
  • Damage or rubbish caused by non-sustainable practices of logging

If we don’t stop the land pollution, the endangered animals we try to protect will lose their chance to survive. Our grandchildren won’t see how tigers and orangutans look.

Beach Pollution

It’s purely waste that is found on the beach include cigarette filters, nets, plastic bags, and many more. It’s threatening the sea animals as well as the marine habitat. The lack of awareness from beach visitors and also humans in general who likes littering is the main reason why it can happen.