Climate Change

The Plaguing Environmental Issues: Climate Change

Some of you do not know this, but climate change has been one of the most talked of from the many environmental issues the world is facing. What is climate change? Why and what makes it so dangerous? What can cause climate to change? Is climate something that is easily changeable? If those questions are the questions that you have been asking, then this article will be the right read for you.

Climate Change
Impact and devastation

Climate change: a brief description

Say that you are an Indonesian lounging around Jakarta, other big cities, or the countryside. When you are doing your stuff, there is a sudden snowfall. While doubtless Indonesians will love snow if they are given the opportunity to see it, they will not be ready for a long-term snowfall. The reason for this is because Indonesians are not wont to see snow. Their bodies have adapted to the tropical climate, having tasted the heat and the rain for more than a millennia. Introduce snow and guess what will happen? Many Indonesians will fall because they are not used to snow. They will not know the way to handle snow, more so if there is a blizzard or an icy hale. Heck, even Indonesians are afraid of a phenomenon called an ‘ice rain’ when it came(it is basically just another rain. Instead of water, however, the sky will rain small ice pieces).

Still in the same case, what if you introduce heat haze to the people at the North Pole? Not only that the people will vanish because of the climate change, the faunas and the floras (not that the North Pole got lots of floras to begin with) will also disappear with them. This is certainly a bad thing to have, no?

What can cause climate change?

There are a whole lot of causes for climate change, but the cause with the most effect is the greenhouse gasses. A greenhouse gasses itself is a phenomenon that is somewhat hard to explain. The only thing that can be said about greenhouse gasses is that they are caused by industries who have not complied with the latest wide-affecting industrial policies and people who still use old vehicles. The latest vehicles might be outfitted with an environmental-preserving kit in them, but the same cannot be said about the old vehicles. You know the vehicles that spout black smoke from their exhaust? That is the definite cause of climate change.

Climate Change

How can you help with climate change?

There are lots of things that can help with climate change, but most of them are usually not easy to do because they require a lot of money. You, as an individual, can opt out of buying your own personal vehicle and go with a public transportation. While it is a tiny step, it still a step nonetheless.