Environmental Damages

The Phenomenon of Environmental Damages Caused by Nature

There are mainly two factors of environmental damage. First, it is caused by the human including the deforestation, hunting, and more. Second, natural damage can also be caused by nature. It is considered that there is no intervention from the human and https://agenpoker899.com/ there although in some cases, there are indeed some actions of the human that indirectly cause the damage.

Anyway, what are the examples of environmental damage that is simply caused by nature? Here they are along with the explanations.

Environmental Damages
Environmental Damages

Volcanic Eruption

The volcanic eruption refers to the release of magma deposits as the results of the high-pressure gas pushing. The results of the eruption are lava, mudflow, volcanic gas, ash, and hot clouds.

There are some forms of environmental damage caused by the volcanic eruption. First, the solid materials thrown like the rocks, gravel, and sand are able to damage and bury the land, forest, plantation, and water sources.

Second, the ashes cause the respiratory and insight problems. This way, the human’s productivity tends to be hampered. Third, the mudflow tends to damage the area it passes including the forest and residences. Lastly, the poisonous gas threatens the human, animals, and plants around.


Earthquake is a natural disaster as the further impact of the volcano impact or it caused by other factors like the shifting of the earth’s plate, known as the tectonic earthquake.

Some of the natural damaged caused by this disaster are the building collapses, the changes of land structure, the loss or the shifting of the clean water source, air pollution, and still many more.

Flood and Landslide

Flood is a phenomenon where the land is excessively submerged by water. In many cases, the flood is then followed by the landslide. Landslide itself is defined as the shifting or the movement of the rocks and the big areas of the land.

Sure, both disasters give further impacts including for the environment. They damage the building and any other types of the infrastructure. Meanwhile, the flood and landslide tend to contaminate the clean water and kill the plants and animals.

Environmental Damages
Environmental Damages


The storm has many types. But whatever the type, as long as the scale is big, this disaster tends to bring the natural damage. Due to the difference of the air pressure, some environmental damages can just simply happen.

Some of them are the collapses of the building and trees, the damages of the farming and plantation, and the damages of the ecosystem in both land and water.