Reforestation: Why is it really important to do?

The number of trees on this earth is getting fewer for human necessities. This phenomenon is known also as the deforestation, the opposite of reforestation. There are surely so many side effects caused by the deforestations starting from the air pollution to the extinction of some animal species.

Sure, it is still not late to bring back the trees as well as to make the forests as green as in the past. One of them is through reforestation. So, what is reforestation and how to do it? Here is the explanation.


The Definition of Reforestation

Reforestation is an action of bringing back the forest that has been deforested before. As an example, there is a forest area that has lost many trees. Then, people who likes green may start to grow some new trees as well as keep the old ones so that they can be green just like in the past.

Sure, the reforestation process must also consider some matters including the functions of the forest itself. As you may know, the forest should also function as the providers of the clean air, soil, and water as well as the protectors for the animals.

The Benefits of Reforestation

In general, the reforestation is done to bring back the balance of nature. The groups of trees are able to keep the balance of the water system underground. At the same time, it avoids some problems and disasters like the flood and landslide.

Seeing from the climatology wise, the reforestation is also important to reduce and even stop the pollution and global warming. The pollution and global warming are mainly caused by high levels of carbon dioxide. This way, the amount of oxygen tends to be reduced. Meanwhile, the trees are the materials that naturally produce the oxygen.

Sure, despite some benefits above, the presence of trees and forest also make the environment look more beautiful and refreshing. People themselves are suggested to see the green from leaves and trees to make their mind more relaxed.

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The Barriers to Reforestation

Unfortunately, the intention to reforest the earth is often blocked by some barriers. Well, even the main barrier is the human’s unconsciousness regarding how important the forest is.

It is not exaggerating anyway that the integration of all parties is important to bring back the green forest and keep it that way later. Despite it needs the regulation from the government, supports from all realms of the society are needed for the action of reforestation.