We Should Improve Air Quality in Our Environment

We Should Improve Air Quality in Our Environment

Current pollution does not only occur in freshwater but also in air. Humans who live in environments with high levels of air pollution can experience respiratory problems that lead to death. There are lots of impurities in the air that can cause a decrease in air quality, such as chemical, biological, and small particles that are easily carried in the air.

The definition of air pollution is the presence of impurities whose amount is increased from the normal amount in the air. The existence of this impurity can be divided into two types, namely visible and invisible. Meanwhile, the examples of air pollution based on its area are divided into three types, namely local, regional, and global.

We Should Improve Air Quality in Our Environment
We Should Improve Air Quality in Our Environment

Local air pollution will affect air quality several kilometers. This air pollution can be in the form of output from industrial areas. Then the air pollution that occurs at the regional level is acid rain caused by photochemical reactions and the degradation process of polluted water. This acid rain can reach thousands of kilometers in scale. While the third is the global scale which affects the earth as a whole, such as the damage to ozone which causes global warming.

Some Causes of Air Pollution

there are many things that can cause air pollution and can affect human activities. Some of this air pollution can come from natural disasters, mountain eruptions, storms, and wildfires. All of these disasters can reduce air quality. There are a lot of air pollution caused by human for example, fossil fuel burning, industrial emissions, agricultural activities, and also waste disposal.

  1. Combustion of Fossil Fuel

Human activities that have an impact on reducing air quality are the combustion of fossil fuels. The combustion can be in the form of coal or derivatives from petroleum to power electricity and transportation.

  1. Industrial Emissions

Other activities that can cause air pollution are industrial gas emissions. There are many types of poisonous gases that factories produce, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, various chemicals, and organic compounds into the air.

  1. Agricultural Activities

Agricultural activities can also cause decreased air quality, such as the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides which can release harmful chemical compounds into the air. That is why we are currently emphasizing the use of natural pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides to reduce the effects of air pollution.

  1. Garbage Disposal

Another thing that can cause reduced air quality is waste disposal. Whether it is organic waste or not can both reduce air quality. Because organic compounds produce methane and inorganic waste can release harmful chemical compounds into the air, especially when exposed to heat.

We Should Improve Air Quality in Our Environment
We Should Improve Air Quality in Our Environment

How to Prevent Air Pollution

Humans can prevent air pollution in the environment. There are many ways that we can apply to help improve air quality. You can see some of these ways as follows.

  1. Using Renewable Alternative Energy that is Environmentally Friendly

The most important solution we have to do is to replace fossil fuels with alternatives to energy, such as wind, solar, and geothermal. This can greatly reduce the carbon dioxide and monoxide emissions that come out of burning fossil fuels.

  1. Using Devices that Use Energy More Efficiently

Reducing the use of fossil fuels is very crucial in order to reduce air pollution.