The decision of United States President Donald Trump to break out of the commitment of the Paris Agreement, which seeks to protect the environment and global temperatures through responsible industry, has come under fire from various groups, including scientists in the United States. Trump said, the historic global commitment in combating climate change do not prosper his people.

Trump’s decision was not unexpected. He has promised it during the campaign and now only realizes his words. Long before the announcement of the decision on Thursday, June 1, 2017, Trump – who once said that climate change was a “hoax”, had taken a series of actions to reverse the policies on climate change outlined by his predecessor, former president Barack Obama.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming and Climate Change

Countries in Africa and Asia, including Indonesia, could be threatened due to global warming. The effect of global warming can have an impact on the sinking of small islands. Not to mention the case of arson or forest fire. Climate change disrupts health and other sectors of people’s lives, both domestically and globally.

Global Warming

That’s why the war on global warming must be done collectively. Various efforts such as policies to prevent deforestation continue to be carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in collaboration with indigenous and tribal peoples, non-governmental organizations, and various international institutions to reduce the impact of climate change.

This climate change has a direct impact on air cleanliness, drinking water, access to clean water, food sufficiency, and a safe environment from disasters. Global warming is believed to change the way of human life in the coming decades. Climate change due to global warming will make the weather uncertain and it certainly has a serious impact on global agriculture. Farmers can no longer work on land based on the season because of the unpredictable climate.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming and Climate Change

Food Stock

Food stock will be chaotic and hunger is very likely to occur.  From an economic perspective, the costs of maintaining health related to the environment will certainly swell. Countries will bear the burden of global health spending due to climate change diseases of 2-4 billion dollars per year until 2030.

Global warming and climate change are not always bad, indeed. It is true that in some places, winters are shorter, and in some areas, food production is increasing. But the adverse health effects of climate change cannot be ignored. The hot air that has invaded Africa and Europe over the past decade is the most gruesome proof of global warming. In 2003, 70,000 deaths from heat waves were recorded in Europe.

High temperatures increase the level of ozone and other pollutants in the air. The impact is felt by those who have respiratory illnesses. Those who are healthy have the potential to become new patients if there is no action. Hot temperatures will trigger asthma, which is currently owned by more than 300 million people in the world.