Global Warming

Global Warming Accelerates Climate Change

Cryosphere is a frozen zone on planet Earth. Examples of the cryosphere such as ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, icebergs in the ocean, glaciers in the mountains (like one in Puncak Jaya in Indonesia), snow, ice in lakes and oceans at the poles, and frozen land in the Northernmost part the Arctic region are known as permafrost. The cryosphere zone is increasingly shrinking. The thickness of the snow is wearing off, the glaciers are thawing and the frozen areas, everywhere on earth, are also being defrosted by the increased temperature.

This IPCC report shows that there is an acceleration of melting, with potential hazard to humans. Marine ecosystems and high mountains because the role of the cryosphere is crucial to the Earth’s ecosystem. Earth is vulnerable to losing in excess of 50 percent of the frozen land area when the 22nd begins. Permafrost is able to store carbon in the atmosphere almost twice as much.

melting ice
climate change and global warming impact

The North Pole

The sea of ice decreases rapidly in the North Pole. The North Pole without ice will be a common sight in summer. The Eskimos living in the North Pole region have also begun to adapt by changing the way those people look for food, travel; even several sea line tribes have thought about relocation plans. The number of fauna populations that depend on ice are likely to decrease dramatically if there is no more ice.

North Pole without ice
North Pole without ice

Moreover, the reduced amount of water will also accelerate global warming, because clear water will more effectively reflect solar thermal. Over and above 4/5 of small glaciers will disappear when 21st century finally reaches its end in case the current conditions remain. It will impact the Earth’s population whose water source, agriculture, and energy, rely upon glaciers.

Nearly three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, and another 10 percent is covered by ice sheets and glaciers. If all the ice has melted, the sea level will also increase. Sea levels, globally, are now doubling faster, and continuing to increase rapidly. Through researches, researchers from various countries try to do a further research on how the icecap and the surface of the sea ‘mingle’ in the Antarctic and Greenland. Sea level is expected to rise as high as 110 cm by 2100.

Earth Climate Engine

The intensity of precipitation, hurricane, and typhoon which are controlled by the earth’s climate engine. It will contribute to raising water up to a few centimeters from normal levels. Extreme storms will occur every year starting in around 2150. Aside from funding to reduce emissions, the earth’s population must also take into account funding for the protection of beaches and ramps from tidal waves, flooding and also the possibility of future casualties. There are about 45 million Indonesians who are vulnerable because they live on the coast with heights below 10 meters.

Is this IPCC Report a mere fantasy made up by paranoid scientists? I don’t think so. This is a wake-up call or Alarm for mankind. It is time for concrete and synergic actions from individuals, industry, the private sector, the media and the government to be taken as soon as possible.