Environmental Issues Talk: Deforestation and the Bad Effects it Brings

Deforestation is one of the many environmental issues the world is facing. You might not know it, but deforestation has its own bad effects. Sure it got a positive effect, but the positive effects often benefit only a single individual or a single company. The bad effects are far-reaching and will affect lots of living beings in the world. What are the bad effects of deforestation?

Environmental Issues Talk

The lost of an animal’s natural habitat

A forest is a place where animals live. Lots of them see the forest as their sanctuary, a place they can call home. The forest is where the animals sleep, hunt, mate, and do other animal things. There is no worse way of robbing animals of their homes than deforestation.

Now you might think that they are just animals. Humans should not be too bothered by animals losing their house, right?, just like when human lose their house from playing more than they can afford at situs judi poker. If you think that way, then I suggest you start reading about how the presence of animals is important for humanity; if you do not have the heart to see animals as a living being, at least see them as something that can be useful for you.

It can lead to an extinction of a species

If you cut a tree in a forest, the animals would not be too bothered by it. Cut a whole lot of trees from the forest, however, and the animals will start to get suspicious. Cut the WHOLE forest down and you are just inviting the animals to strike at you. When animals strike, the only choice is to strike back. Sure it would not be too problematic if the animals that strike you are animals that multiply like crazy (rats, mosquitoes), but what if the animal that strikes is an animal on the border of extinction? Deforestation can lead to a possible war with the animals, and a war with the animals can lead to an extinction of a species. Even if they are not extinct, there will be a significant reduction in their numbers, which is a bad thing, too.

Deforestation and Environmental Issues Talk

Lastly, it entices greed

This is a pretty indirect thing, but deforestation can entice greed in the human’s mind. Take for example you are a budding cattle rancher who just earned his first million by deforestation and turning the ex-forest into a ranch. Because of that, you want to keep deforesting, lying to yourself that one more forest would not hurt. Sooner or later, your compassion will be eroded by greed. That is, obviously, something that you should not get if you want the world to change for the better.