Air Pollution

5 Primary Things to Do to Reduce the Air Pollution

Currently, WHO reports that around 90% of people on the earth breathe in the air with high levels of pollutants? This health organization of the United Nations even warns that air pollution can gradually cause problems including stroke and lung cancer and at the end, they end up with the death.

Air Pollution
Reduce the Air Pollution

The air pollution itself is a condition where the air is polluted by the dangerous chemical or biological substances and particles. The pollution tends to give negative effects not only for human but also the environment. Sadly, this condition is also commonly caused by the human itself starting from the fuel, industry, power plant, and more.

Although this pollution can be said as something common in our daily life like playing online at situs judi online, it doesn’t mean that we cannot do anything. There are still many chances to reduce or even stop it before air pollution is getting worse. What are they?

Rearrange the Regulation

Sure, this effort must be done by the government along with the full support from the society. If it is possible, there must be severe punishment for them who don’t obey the regulation.

Reduce the Fossil Fuels Utilization

The fossil fuels utilization must be reduced for two main reasons. First, those are included in the category of non-renewable resources. Only a few decades later, those fossils are possibly extinct. Second, the fuels have a high contribution in polluting the environment including the air.

Process the Residue before Disposing of Them

The problem is that the residue from the fuels and industries is not processed well before they are disposing to the air and ocean. That’s why; it is important for the businessman and entrepreneur to develop a new technology that is able to process the residue of the industry into more environmentally friendly materials.

Preserve the Forest

Forests all around the world play many important roles to reduce air pollution. Unfortunately, many hectares of the forests on the earth have been deforested whether for human residences or they are just simply burnt. For this fact, people must start to do the forestation and simply plant the trees around.

Preserve the Forest
Preserve the Forest and Reduce the Air Pollution

Throw garbage in its place

It sounds easy but people may not do it. Well, reducing the air pollution can be started from something simple like throwing garbage in its place. Some types of garbage, like the plastic, contain the chemical substances that somehow damage the soil if they are just spreading around. Gradually, the garbage on the soil can pollute the air also.